For our biogas plants we offer the the technology of the famous German engineering company Rohrplan, founded in 1991. Rohrplan offers highly effective solutions in the sphere of design and construction of biogas plants for agricultural companies.

Advantages of Rohrplan biogas plants:

  • thanks to the specially developed know-how and careful choice of formula by our specialists, our biogas plants allow for an up to 15% economy of the substrates used as compared to similar plants of other companies;
  • Rohrplan biogas plants work 8500 h p.a., similar plants by other companies  – 7500 h p.a. on the average.

Biogas production

The importance of alternative energy sources has grown considerably within the last 10 years. That is why countries with a small reserve of their own energy carriers (oil, gas, coal etc.) set a goal to derive up to 20% of total energy consumption from alternative energy sources by 2020. Unlike wind and solar energy where energy production depends on the availability of wind and sunlight, energy in the form of biogas can be received constantly regardless of weather conditions.

In our opinion, which is also the opinion of many agricultural companies, the production of biogas from animal manure, chicken dung, corn silage, hayage, waste feed is a very profitable way to produce energy, as in this process agricultural production waste is mainly used. All necessary nutritional substances remain in the fermentation residues which makes them very valuable fertilizers without the specific odour.

Beside using energy for our own needs, we also receive another positive effect from the possibility to sell the produced electric and thermal energy. So, alongside plant and animal breeding the company receives an extra, third source of revenue. 

Additionally, biogas plants with a capacity of 1,5 to 5 MW allow for the production of biomethane that can be supplied to natural gas pipelines. 

Biogas plants with a capacity of over 5 MW have problems with availability and transport of substrates, as well as removal and storage of fermentation residues.